Elite Sniper Traffic Shooter-American Sniper Shoot Traffic

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American Sniper Shoot Traffic is a very challenging FPS sniper action game

In the game, you will appreciate the patience of the elite sniper, will be hidden in different city buildings, you will use your superior hiding points and those random enemies of the fixed point of fighting and destroyed in your The exact judgment and lock the target, accurately shoot the enemy, if the outbreak of lethality will be bigger yo! The presence of the enemy will make you feel the pressure, then you need to calm down and destroy the enemy.

You can buy more advanced sniper weapons, you can use MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP, M4 and other weapons to destroy the enemy. More and more enemies are killed, you must be able to prove that you are a good sniper, waiting for your technology to be more skilled and more accurate to shoot the target, more to complete the task, you will get great “elite sniper “Champion title.

Simple operation, sensitive operation, easy to operate
When you enter the game, you will get free sniper weapons, choose the initial level to start your kill task, you can get sniper enemies reward, complete the task reward more you have enough gold coins, store use m4, mp5, p90, SNIPE, AWP, M1911 and other weapons and equipment waiting for your choice.

“Exquisite 3D images, sudden enemies, immersive atmosphere
The enemy will be ambushed in the obstacles or buildings, in front of you, you must accurately and quickly lock the target, find the shooting, no response, then you will be subject to a certain degree of blood damage to the enemy’s attack, We work together to complete the task, the correct use of spy weapons hand, surprise to kill the enemy!

Traffic Sniper Shooter Features:

– first person shooter game
– Simple and smooth control
– realistic 3D graphics
– a variety of modern sniper rifles
– Challenging missions
– amazing music and sound effects
– the real battlefield environment

1 FPS first person games
2 perfect operating clarity
3 No network
4 high quality 3D graphics screens that challenge the difficult task of snipers
5 advanced weapons, more accurate target lock
6 shocking 3D music and sound effects
Love FPS friends, I believe you will fall in love with this exciting sniper game, let us join the fight it!

System Requirements for Elite Sniper Traffic Shooter-American Sniper3D:

   Here are some recommended features about the environment where the game will be played. These are the minimum system requirements without it this game may not run properly.

Android: 3.0 to up version

Download Elite Sniper Traffic Shooter-American Sniper3D:

Download From Play Store

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