Dino Revenge 3D-Survival Dinosaur Simulator 2017

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Dino Revenge 3D-Survival Dinosaur Simulator 2017 Go go go! You’re a hero survivor walking in an incredible and huge Jurassic world rain-forest, where your mission is to stay alive. In this exciting dinosaur simulator game only one winner, you or your enemies – ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

You don’t have to be a dinosaur digger and dig the ground in the search of dinosaur bones and fossils, in this epic video game of the dinosaur apocalypse the dinos aren’t extinct. Dinosaurs were created from DNA. And further dinosaur evolution is now going. These dino creatures are formed from eggs long ago and are enormous. Dinosaur era has come. Dinosaurs among us. These reptiles and their animations are as real. Become an ultimate heroic dinosaur hunter, strike the dinosaurs, catch your prey!

This dinosaur sim starts from the home base. In this dino world quest in the tropical forest your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. If you’ll survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills of the assassin, then for each completed level you’ll get a new more powerful gun in your weaponry

A really Amazing Dinosaur game is ready for you!! If you like playing dinosaur games you will love this one.
Dinosaur Simulator is a thrilling 3D game. Explore the huge city map with your giant 3D Dinosaur.
Experience Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric Jurassic park environments. Play the real dinosaur game and have lot of fun in destroying city!!Enjoy the dinosaur hunting game 3D in the gorgeous overgrown jungle map of the lost world with a variety of vegetation

Very easy one tap controls – Cool deadly characters to chose – Breath-taking excitement
– Very addictive and hours of fun time – Stunning HD Graphics – Awesome terrorising background music- Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric jurassic park environments- Many thrilling levels
– Fabulous City Environments- Strong and powerful animal.- Awesome gameplay with attacking animations
– Fabulous sound effects.

System Requirements for Dino Revenge 3D:

   Here are some recommended features about the environment where the game will be played. These are the minimum system requirements without it this game may not run properly.

Android: 3.0 version

Download Dino Revenge 3D:

Download From Play Store

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